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iPhone X Case Review: Burkley Magnetic Detachable Leather Wallet

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Burkley Magnetic Detachable Leather Wallet Case for iPhone X
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Burkley Magnetic Detachable Leather Wallet Case for iPhone X
Designed with elegance and functionality in mind, this wallet case is made with natural leather skin and a detachable inner shell.

Burkley, the renowned fashion house in New York, has launched a new magnetic detachable leather wallet case for the iPhone X. As expected from its elite line of full-grain leather accessories, the new case features handcrafted natural leather. Matching the elegance of the new iPhone X, the overall design of the wallet case is functional and highly sophisticated.

The 2-in-1 functionality makes it one of the best leather cases for iPhone X. You get a premium wallet and a phone case in one. The wallet is a simple book-style design with cash and credit card slots. You can put up to six cards and have enough space for receipts and small notes. The entire wallet is made out of Turkish leather, giving it a very polished look.

Burkley Brown iPhone X 1 e1519114426610 300x225 - iPhone X Case Review: Burkley Magnetic Detachable Leather Wallet

The detachable case, on the other hand, is magnetic allowing easy snap-on and removal. It is entirely made out of impact-resistant polycarbonate – a material known for its durability and high shock absorption properties. You don’t need to worry about dropping your iPhone X anymore because this case is made to provide full coverage protection. If you use the case together with the wallet, the leather material will also serve as a cushion minimizing impact.

The case design is very smug and fits very well with the iPhone X. The design has very minimal open spaces to provide protection on all sides and the back. The entire top is covered while the right side has one push-through for the power button. Like most iPhone cases, the base has cutouts for the speakers and Lightning connector. It works very well with a tempered glass screen protector.Burkley Brown iPhone X 6 300x300 - iPhone X Case Review: Burkley Magnetic Detachable Leather WalletIt’s also nice to point out that the power button has a push-through instead of a cut-out. The camera bump is also recessed to keep the lens from hitting surfaces directly. Apart from preventing dust from sticking, it also helps to prevent damages from impacts.

There are nine color options for the case: Antique Camel, Antique Coffee, Antique Golden Brown, Burnished Tan, Ostrich Blue, Ostrich Green, Ostrich Tan, Pebble Black, and Saffiano Navy Blue. These color choices are carefully selected to match every mood and lifestyle.

The aesthetics of the case is also very simple, making it a good choice for men and women. The only branding in the case is the buffalo imprint on the outside cover and the Burkley label on the inside part.

For the price of a premium case, you are getting a lot from Burkley’s new case for iPhone X. One of its outstanding features is the removable case. While it is very handy to have a wallet that can hold all your essentials in one place, it doesn’t spell well for handling. Since we all like to browse for long periods of time, a bulky wallet will only get in the way. With Burkley’s design, you get two convenient handling options.

First, you can remove the case from the wallet for lighter handling. Since iPhone X has a very thin and sleek design, the detachable case is a good way preserve the feature. Your iPhone is still secured inside the case when removed from the wallet, so you can rest assured the phone is always protected. This is very useful when you need to answer a call or send a few messages while on the move.

Second, the design of the wallet case allows you to use the magnetic clasp to serve as a stand for the entire wallet. Thus, you can use the wallet as a stand for your phone while you’re browsing on a desk or watching a video.Burkley Brown iPhone X 5 e1519114647326 300x225 - iPhone X Case Review: Burkley Magnetic Detachable Leather WalletAs for the size, the wallet can easily fit into the back pocket. There are only three card slots, but after break-in, you can easily put two cards in each slot. It really depends if you want the wallet as an all-in-one purse or have a separate wallet for your money essentials. The folio in the front is held by magnets, so it doesn’t get in the way. But the magnet attaching the case would be better off with a stronger one since it easily comes off.

The inside of the case has a rubbery texture giving it a good tactile feel. Unlike Apple cases that are a little slippery, Burkley’s design gives you a firmer grip. The materials were carefully processed to provide extra gripping. This allows you to have a secure hold on your valuables without worrying about slips and falls. There is a bit of a gap between the back leather inlay and the case. While it doesn’t pose any direct disadvantages, it is a good spot for accumulating dust and dirt. You’ll just have to give the case a good dusting from time to time.

You definitely get the value for your money.

The price tag for this case is above the average, but you definitely get value for your money. There are undeniably cheaper alternatives, but Burkley’s leather wallet case stands between premium quality and reasonable pricing. Your iPhone X is a precious investment, so it is only reasonable to get the best protection available – and this case fits the price label perfectly.

A word of advice: give the case time to adjust. First, the leather needs time to break in. Rushing it will only tear the material or distress it. Also, the buttons can be very stiff. It will feel a little off at the beginning, but it will be more flexible after a week or so with moderate usage.

You can easily see the genius of Burkley’s craftsmen in their new magnetic detachable iPhone X wallet case. It has an attractive design that doesn’t feel bulky without sacrificing any of the basic protective features. The leather finish looks very modern that will never look out of place whether you’re out for brunch or attending an executive meeting. With six beautiful colors to choose from, you get a case that shows off Apple’s latest flagship in style.

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